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  1. “A wise man will ask and be a fool for a minute but a fool man will not and be a fool forever.”


  3. Reveal your perfection with radience! Start being prettier today! Pm me for inquiries
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    Reveal your perfection with radience! Start being prettier today! Pm me for inquiries
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  5. Becoming a call center agent

    The BPO industry here in the Philippines rapidly grows all over the country ever since it started here. And one of the things that clients like about Filipino call center agents is that we can easily adapt their native accents.

    As the graduation season approaches , a lot of newly grads are expected to join the BPO industry because it is one of the highest contributors in the employment of Filipinos regardless of the course that the student has taken , but of course we have to remember that call center companies doesn’t care if you’ve graduated from a very popular school or not, because they’re focus is your communication skills.

    Let’s face it, not all Filipino graduates can speak fluent English but if you are , that’s your edge. And mind you that not all high-paying companies accept call center newbies. So if you’re looking forward to becoming one of those agents who earn 30,000-40,000 then you need a very strong interpersonal skill and a graded A communication skill.

    So what are the key points that you need to remember before applying to a call center company?

    • First, you have to compose yourself and think of the possible answers that you can say to the interviewer because initial interviews are very critical.
    • You have to sound confident. Confidence is one of the most important traits that you have to possess if you want to prosper and succeed in this industry.
    • Be spontaneous. Interviewers are measuring your ability to communicate effectively , so be careful with your sentences.



  7. “It is better to ask and be a fool for a minute than not to ask and become a fool forever”


  9. Rules of being Amazing by R.Sharma

    Rules of being Amazing by R.Sharma



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  14. “Everything negative - pressure, challenges - is an opportunity for me to rise up.”
    Kobe Bryant


  16. “Failure is a great opportunity for an intelligent start.”



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